Our clients

While the type of clients we serve varies widely, particular reference can be made to the following types.

In addition to the enterprises and institutions named that take advantage of the full range of services provided by our team, executives and employees also make personal use of our advisory and representation services individually.

Motor vehicle trade

We represent and advise one of the major German groups of car dealers that have branches throughout Germany in all legal matters and aspects of business, in particular structuring and drawing up contracts, claims managements, and operative business.

Real estate

Within this broad field we particularly provide legal services for clients that include: housing and real estate companies, property management companies, international investors and property developers. When it comes to property and building project management, our chief focus is on achieving efficient and goal-orientated solutions.

Medical and social services

Various medical and social facilities such as nursing homes, medical care centres, rehabilitation centres and above all hospitals of varying sizes and run by different organisations regularly brief us to represent their legal interests, in particular in the fields of private building law, public procurement law and all aspects of medical law.


We are consulted by leading insurance companies and briefed to represent their legal interests. Apart from our expertise in the field of insurance contract law, pragmatism, cost-consciousness and solutions that make economic sense number among our strengths.