Fields of work

We would welcome the opportunity to outline to you our approach when you require protection of your legal interests and ask you to contact us using the details indicated.

Building law

Legal advice as a support service in the field of private building law has become indispensable.

We advise public and private owners of building projects from the time that the necessary contracts are concluded and, should disputes arise between the contracting parties, make every effort to achieve an optimum solution by means of negotiations. If necessary, we will also institute court proceedings to protect the rights of our clients.

Inheritance law

The services we provide for our clients begin at the initial stage of making a will or drawing up an inheritance agreement. Should disputes arise, we are there to provide our clients with the advice they need in this highly complex field.

Company partnership law

We provide our clients with advice and support on matters relating to the structure of articles of association or partnership and in the case of internal disputes.

Real estate law

Investors need to be able to rely on the support services provided by experts when it is a question of purchasing real estate. We provide our clients with due diligence services designed to establish risks and support them in drawing up financing contracts customized to their needs.

We not only provide the legal services of a lawyer; in addition Christian Stenner also a notary public and therefore able to act as an independent partner regarding purchase and acquisition of real estate and all associated legal transactions.

Medical law

We provide our clients with advice and support concerning male practice law as well as medical law in the broader sense, i.e. legal questions relating to hospital, remuneration and health insurance law and associated areas.

Tenancy/ leases

Thanks to our association with a leading independent firm of consultants, we are equally in a position to represent the interests of our clients on matters of risk, damage and quality Management.

The services we provide our clients in matters relating to the law on commercial leases range from negotiating contracts, preparing or reviewing rent increases, asserting rent arrears claims and achieving settlements regarding rent debts as well as legal advice to tenants and landlords on ways of terminating tenancies/leases.

We represent our clients in court, for example, in cases to obtain payment of rent or evict clients.

Road traffic law

We provide our clients with legal services in connection which all kind of problems after a road traffic accident.

Insurance law

We see all facets of business and private insurance law as a particularly challenging aspect of our work. In particular in the fields of professional and general liability insurance, D&O insurance, legal expenses insurance, commercial fidelity insurance and loan insurance.

Law of contracts

The law of contracts relates to all services provided by lawyers and, when necessary, by a notary public in connection with preparing and concluding contracts and the ensuing rights and obligations. Specifically, we see contract management, optimization of contracts by means of negotiations and risk management in connection with implementation of contracts as the focus of the services we provide for our clients in this field.

Competition law

In particular, our work in this field consists of reviewing advertising of all kinds in terms of its reliability; we also enforce the cease and desist claims of our clients against their competitors and defend claims asserted against our clients by a third party both in and out of court.

Notary services

In the field of real estate law we draw up and notaries a wide variety of contracts including the creation of mortgages and other rights.

Our notarial services also include matters relating to the formation of companies and partnerships of various legal forms, the transfer of shares and enterprises as well as drawing up and notarizing business succession contracts.

These services also extend to provision of advice and drafting contracts in a number of other fields including “matrimony and family” as well as “wills and gifts”.